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What is Christ Consciousness?

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Hello everyone, Jenna here.

I have a lot of people asking me, “What is Christ Consciousness?”.

And fair enough. There's actually not a lot of info out there on Christ Consciousness.

Watch the video here!

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Important for you to know:

When you look into these kinds of things, it's important to make sure that the person and what they're saying, you want to feel like you totally jive with them. That sort of a cosmic universal energy (Christ Consciousness), it comes down and it comes into my body and it comes into my awareness. And then it's my job to transcribe it, for you.

And it's my job to understand what the message is. The message still gets filtered through me, as a human being, through me, Jenna.

Diving into it:

So Christ Consciousness is a universal energy that comes straight from Creator. And Christ Consciousness in its purest essence, its purest form straight from Creator does not care whether you are religious or not. It's about Unity. I'm not coming from a religious standpoint whatsoever. In fact, I have been there, done that.

I grew up in a very religious family and I've experienced that already. I've experienced religion, going to church, all of that. That's not where I'm coming from, where I'm coming from is Christ Consciousness in its purest essence. Its purest form.

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalen coming together were able to create what happened in those biblical times. They were the ones who worked together.

Religion will say otherwise. That's okay. I'm just choosing a different path. Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, they were a team. Jesus Christ was just the one in the spotlight.

Mary Magdalen, she was in the background. But she was doing something very important. She was grounding the divine feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness and Creator Consciousness in the container of the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. She didn't get any credit for what she was doing, but guess what? She's making a comeback. The Order of Magdalen, the teachings of the Rose, Mother Mary's teachings, the Love of the Divine Mother. So where I'm coming from is a very balanced, embodied take on this energy, drawing upon the masculine and the feminine sides of creation. Once again, in its purest essence, it is about unity.

Number one, I'm not coming from a religious place. I'm coming from a Creator place. I'm coming from the perspective of Spirit. And number two, Mary Magdalen and the teachings of the Magdalen, the Rose and the Divine Mother are coming online now even more than they were before.

And I am living proof of that. I am a woman embodying Christ Consciousness, in my own life. I am choosing this. I am stepping into this because Christ Consciousness has actually been subtly initiating me for my entire life. This is my story. This is just a part of who I am.

Why do we need this now?

I see in the world today that we have a lot of people who are hurting. We have a lot of people who are acting from that place of hurt. That is causing so much division, conflict, stress and destruction. And I'm here to say, you know what, in my heart, those things can be seen through. From my heart, I can see the real reason behind all of that, which is; people are hurting. And they don't know how to get out of it. They don't know how to help themselves, and they don't know how to heal their hearts so that they can resolve these pains and these conflicts within themselves.

This Christ Consciousness energy is landing here more and more. We're going to notice it more and more because it is time for humans to graduate to the next level. It is time for us to step up, take responsibility, and start to heal ourselves and actually create long lasting change that will benefit the seven generations and beyond.

I am here to help you to be able to tune into Christ Consciousness for yourself. I am here to help you empower yourself with these tools so that more and more people can become more attuned to spirit and more attuned to their own hearts, to their angels, their guides and their own intuition. And to be attuned to their own souls.

There's been a lot of separation and disconnection. I'm not here to say that that's wrong, because that would be me separating myself from it. (Being human can be complicated!). I am here to say that it doesn't have to be that way. There is another way.

I am here to help us bring our essential nature back online, our essential connected, healed whole, beautiful nature back online in its pristine, crystalline state.

And that is the Christ Consciousness state. The choice is ours. It really comes down to choices. So I am choosing to live in Christ Consciousness, fully embody my Christ Consciousness, self.

You know what happened when I did that? My whole life shifted. I am in charge. I am empowered. And I forgive myself every step of the way. I forgive myself for every single mistake I make and forgive others, that forgiveness then extends out to others because I realize they're just human too.

There's so much beauty, understanding, compassion and grace that has come into my life ever since I've stepped onto this path and said, yes. Because I had a choice. I had a choice to step onto this path and fully own it. I had a choice to do that or not do that.

And the universe and creator are completely equanimous to everything.

It's humans who complicate things and separate things out, divide things out. And then that's when complications arise. That's when dissonance happens. We're in that right now, we're in so much dissonance and chaos. And it's because, it's all being purged. As we speak, it's all being purged. You need to see it and feel it in order for it to move on.

This is what I've been learning my whole life, and I'm bringing it into the world through the container of Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness is also a container for transformation and evolving.

Evolution for me, means being able to surrender to my internal process. Being able to love myself fully, allow myself to drop into who I really am, and make peace with who I really am. For me, that's evolution.

And when I say yes to that, I start to evolve. So for everybody, it's a different evolution. And that's what can be confusing about all of this, is my evolution isn't the same as your evolution. You need to find it for yourself. You need to say yes to it for yourself. You need to dig deep into your heart and find that for yourself.

But Christ Consciousness is here to help us transform and evolve into the next, most beautiful, authentic versions of ourselves. Which will in turn, heal the world.

I feel like that's a pretty good “in a nutshell” kind of explanation. I am going to be having a Christ Consciousness Initiation series coming up very soon. It's in course format, you can go subscribe to my newsletter on my website to become a part of the journey.

Thank you so much, everybody for tuning in, I look forward to having more conversations with all of you. Thank you so much for all the support that I've been receiving so far, you know who you are. Thank you. Take so much care of yourselves and others around you.

Lots of Love,


PS: You can watch the video for this blog post here --->

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