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Transformation: Spirit of the Butterfly

In order to evolve, we need to welcome change as gracefully as a butterfly emerging from its cocoon...

Transformation is the word of our times, and will be for the next 10 years or so.

The more we can transform, the better. The more we can continually retreat to a cocoon, spin ourselves into a new way, and then emerge as a physically/spiritually changed being, the better. The more we can lean into this, the easier this ride will be!

  • BTW: that process is endless. We are constantly being reborn and dying over and over again. It just keeps getting easier the more we can experience it's texture.

Change is healthy, change is inevitable. And the sooner we let go into the flow of it, the easier for us down the road when things really get shaken up! (Not that they haven't already!)

As I continue on this ever-evolving path of transformation, I realize deeper levels of insights. These deeper insights are expressed in my recent youtube videos.

Please enjoy them here:

Christ Light Daily Meditation: An opportunity to learn to ground this Christ energy into your daily life, opening up to the beauty of the moment and your own heart.

Christ Light Oracle July 31st: A fun little video, the first one where I share a Christ Consciousness Transmission in this way! I also talk about personal destiny, an important topic to cover. We are all here for a reason, we are all here to experience something specific. Our heart is our guide for finding this.

So, let's keep expanding, contracting, and then expanding again on this ever-evolving wheel of life and consciousness. Let's learn all we can, and then sip the sweet, divine nectar of life!

I'd love for you to let me know: in your own life, do you know what your personal destiny or calling is? Sometimes it can be as simple as; "I am here to manifest joy in my life and others'". Feel free to comment below!

We need to start somewhere in order to get anywhere!

Lots of love,

Jenna <3

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