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In 2022- We need: The 7 Evolutionary Archetypes

Christ Consciousness is more than an energy, it's also a blueprint for humanity to use for when we need it the most.

Here I will write about what we need to focus on daily in order to be able to create the future, as well as talk a bit about the 7 Evolutionary Archetypes and how they help us to align with the destiny and spiritual energy of our Planet Earth. This ultimately sets us on the right timeline, spiralling beneficial energy into the Earth and the whole Universe.

Have you noticed that our 3d reality is getting a little crazy? Yeah, me too.

Christ Consciousness offers us a roadmap for navigating these times, and that is through creativity! Our purpose right now is to learn how to create in the chaos, and use that chaos for our inspiration. So how does one do such a thing? It's hard enough functioning as a human being right now, never mind creating and manifesting new ways of doing things.

-Conscious Creation: Is a key element of navigating the craziness. This is like a tool we can use to intentionally move towards what we want. This starts through very small, yet empowering actions.

-Spiritual Practices: Are the best way to centre ourselves in the storm, finding new ways of feeling support from the spirit realms. Once we establish this, we can have more energy to create the future.

-Unlimited Love: We use this to love ourselves and others. We come into harmony and peace within ourselves. Having a daily practice of Love is essential right now.

Once we feel more grounded, centred, and spiritually resourced, we can learn to envision and create the future. This is a conscious remembrance about who we truly are, and what our purpose on Earth actually is. This is a unique process for each of us. That's why Unlimited Love towards ourselves and others is vital.

The Seven Evolutionary Archetypes

  1. Are you a Healer? Healers have magical healing hands, and when you are touched by someone like this, you notice it right away. The potential of more healers arising right now is high, as more people are recognizing their spiritual gifts. These people are Energy Healers, Body Workers, Intuitive Healers, magical Herbal Medicine Folk, and more. If you are a Healer, you can look at someone and simply know what may be ailing them.

  2. Are you a Revolutionary? You see the change that needs to happen, and you are ready to take ACTION! You care deeply about the needs of the planet, animals, plants, environments, watersheds, and people. You are willing to put some time in to make the necessary changes and make the right demands. You have a metaphorical "fire" under your butt.

  3. Are you a Leader? Your excellent communication and people skills want to be put to the right usage. You recognize the challenges and gifts of our society, and know what would need to happen in order to move forward and create positive change. You value your integrity, and the integrity of your work. You want to work for the people.

  4. Are you a Channel? Your brilliant vision into other dimensions is often your daily experience of life, or you feel that you have the potential for this gift. You have a deep connection with spirits of all kinds, and understand what it means to be intuitive. You are naturally good at reading people, places, and situations. Your clairvoyance is becoming stronger and more attuned.

  5. Are you a Visionary? Are you brimming with creative insights almost every single day? Then you're probably a Visionary. Good news! We NEED your good ideas right now! How do we build cities that are actually in harmony with the Earth, and in fact, are beneficial to her? How do we grow food in these cities so that it doesn't need to get transported in from somewhere else? What about, how can society function so that no one gets left out of the big decisions, and so that true equality and joy can blossom? We need the Visionaries for all of these questions, and then 5 million more. There are probably THAT many questions right now, seriously!

  6. Are you a Builder? This category is a little harder to define. It is, however, a very important piece of the puzzle as it seems to represent a very grounded, earthy nature. Perhaps all of us are, by default, Builders. We are all here to build something beautiful and in tune with the rhythm of our dearest Earth. This is the bumblebee of the Seven Evolutionary Archetypes.

  7. Are you a Lighthouse? Wow, if you are a Lighthouse- Thank you! Chances are, you have already been doing this for a long time. And if you have not, then you are quickly learning the ups and downs of such an Evolutionary role. You are discovering that you simply cannot live like everyone else does in this modern society. Things like big parties, loud noises, technological distractions, and even eating one wrong thing can actually cause you great harm. So much so that, you need to take a long time to recuperate in nature or at home in order to recover from such an event. You hold the literal, spiritual light. You are a beacon of light to those around you and instantly fill a room with it when you walk in, even if you're quiet. (Which you probably are). The rest of the world needs to pay attention to what you prefer to fill your life with, because it would help us all out a whole lot!

So there you have it! Which one(s) do you feel that you are? Do you feel like you have the potential for one or more? This is totally just for fun, exploration, and inquiry into how we can play a role in the building of the new way of living and being. Because we are Divine Creator Beings, here to birth the most gorgeous reality possible!

So let's have fun with it, be creative, and see these intense times as an opportunity to build something epic and BEAUTIFUL!

Love you all,

Jenna Christine

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