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Christ Consciousness Initiation Series

Now Offering 1:1 Initiations for Individuals

Access natural spaciousness in your life.

Receive guidance with how Christ Consciousness can support you in focusing your attention to what matters most to you. 

Intentional space to allow you to have a spiritual reset (clear any old blockages, patterns, ways of being, doubt, paradigms, and any old energies that simply do not serve you any longer).

Step into your own soul, heart, and energy, finding your innermost truth and essence.

Activate your Divinity, open your Heart and find your unique connection with Spirit once again.

How it Works

Work at your own pace with the Initiation videos (5 of them, 1/2 hour each) and Integration Materials (prayer practices, journaling, meditations). I will check in with you as regularly as you need to gauge how you are doing, gently hold you accountable for doing the practices, and support and encourage you on your process.


We will work together for 8 weeks from the day you sign up.

Weekly 1:1 calls will be available to support you in finding your unique needs to be met. I will guide and facilitate you through powerful self healing techniques to help you to empower yourself. You will have the opportunity to focus on a specific area of your life that needs light and support (ie relationships, work, self love, spirituality).


Together we will discuss what it is that you need most in the way of clarifying/clearing/healing/blessing. The wisdom of the Pachakuti Mesa supports most of my techniques, as well as knowledge I have cultivated through years of self healing and delving into the human psyche/soul.

Sacred Commitment Value is $555

There are no cohorts available right now. A cohort will begin again on December 21st, 2022. If you are interested in being apart of a cohort, please subscribe to the journey so you don't miss the announcements for that

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Join me for this Initiation
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"If you need gentle focus during these challenging times, turn your lens towards Jenna Christine and her tenderhearted guidance in this Christ Consciousness Initiation Series. I was invited to take part in the very first launch, and I was diligently taking notes for feedback. My heart soon engaged into the flow and was now in the driver's seat.  I put down my pen and let my heart be seen and known.  The bi-weekly zoom meetings with the other lovely Initiates were infused with unconditional positive regard- no question, comment or personal share was ignored.  We enjoyed Christ Consciousness transmissions and meditations together and entered a space where serenity and joyful tears were the norm. I highly recommend this series.  Thanks to the Creator working through Jenna Christine, I am applying more heart-centered practices into my everyday life."


"What a great experience with the Christ Consciousness Initiation. I have always been a big believer in the spiritual connection. Jenna helped me to understand the importance of connecting with nature and the importance of prayer. I have learned to be more aware of our own power and how to read signs as we are so absorbed in the day to day world."


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