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Visual Art as a Vehicle for Evolving Consciousness

Channeling energies through my paintings and art is the way I first started healing the Divine Feminine within me. I now see it as a way to consciously birth more beauty into the world. 

Visionary Writing~A Bridge to Evolving

Currently, I am writing a book about the full potential of humans, and what we need to do in order to evolve into the divine blueprint that we are destined for. Subscribe to my email newsletter if you would like to hear more about that!  

Shamanic Initiation

Completing the Pachakuti Mesa Training was amazing and so life-changing. I now look at the Earth and Universe from the perspective of; 'how can I help?', rather than feeling like a victim in a chaotic and dangerous world. Receiving this initiation has prepared me for the next phase of my evolution in the world. 

Christ Consciousness ' Hatun Karpay'

'Hatun Karpay' means "The great or high initiation or transmission. The transmission of an entire lineage to an initiate. The coronation or crowning." (, 2014) 

My goal is to be of service to you, the Earth, and the Seven Generations to come (& beyond!). 

Who I Want to Help

If you are curious about Christ Consciousness, would like to open up to your unique Soul energy, or feel that you need to focus on what really matters to you, then these teachings are for you.  

How You Might Benefit

If this information deeply resonates with your heart, I hope it will uplift you to such a vibration of pure love and bliss toward yourself and others. So much so,  that your life begins to open up to more magic, spiralling out into more beauty, joy, presence, and connection.

The Portal of the Heart+Womb

All of these teachings and transmissions, although come from Creator, are also filtered through the tenderness and love of my own heart/womb connection. Each teaching is tailored to contribute to the modern mystery school of our times. 

Heart Outline

An Inner Calling

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